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  1. Island Time Sunrise

    2024-01-01 00:14:53 UTC

    A dreamy morning sky adorned with beautiful clouds reflected in the calm waters of the Salish Sea, Parksville, Vancouver Island, B.C. I chose this particular image for my New Years wishes because the sky is magical, as your New Year should be! Wishing you all the best in 2024!

  2. Herring Spawn Vancouver Island

    2023-03-30 23:56:00 UTC

    A collection of photographs featuring the beauty of nature during herring spawn on Vancouver Island in March 2023. The images were captured on the east coast of the island in Bowser, Qualicum, and French Creek. The milt of the male herring fertilizes the eggs released by the female. The chalky…

  3. Winter’s Day at Parksville Community Park

    2022-11-26 23:46:00 UTC

    A snowy winter’s day in Parksville transforms the beach-side community park into a scene from a story book. I processed this image in black and white as it suits the stark and lonely beauty of the barren trees dressed in snow. I captured this image with a Nikon D850 at…

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