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  1. Sooty Grouse Courtship Ritual

    2023-05-28 23:49:39 UTC

    A male Sooty Grouse puffing up its feathers and fanning its tail, and revealing the orange air-sacs at the side of its neck all in the effort to attract a female. I was drawn to this particular bird by the sound of its strange hooting call which I followed through…

  2. Swan Portrait

    2022-12-22 20:07:44 UTC

    Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays!  A close-up featuring the elegant beauty of a Mute Swan on a snowy day at Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C..  I captured this image with a Nikkor D7100 at a focal length of 300 mm, aperture f4,  shutter speed 1/800 second at an…

  3. Foggy Winter Morning

    2022-11-20 23:54:29 UTC

    The trees along the bank of Lost Lagoon on a foggy winter morning, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.. Stanley Park is one of my favourite places in Vancouver, and Lost Lagoon is a gem. It is true that the beauty of nature is at your doorstep in this city.

  4. Flamingos taking flight

    2022-07-20 19:16:16 UTC

    A flock of American Flamingos taking flight from the shallow blue-green waters off the coast of Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Flamingos run on water by propelling themselves along with their webbed feet while flapping their wings to gather speed before taking off in flight. The island of Holbox is…

  5. Dragonfly in Flight

    2022-06-25 21:23:00 UTC

    Dragonfly in Flight Warm summer days bring to mind one of my favourite insects; dragonflies! The first image is of a male Blue-eyed Darner in flight on a sunny morning over the lake waters of Long Lake, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, B.C..  The second dragonfly image is also of a male…

  6. White Heron

    2022-05-15 19:58:44 UTC

    A high key image of a Great White Heron inundated with flies while wading in the shallow ocean waters off the island of Holbox in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Great White Herons are not common and typically only seen in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. When I first sighted…

  7. Precious Moments in Nature

    2022-05-01 22:46:22 UTC

    Precious Moments in Nature A young Harbour Seal peeking out at the world beyond from the ocean waters of Burrard Inlet in Vancouver, B.C..  On this particular day while I was photographing birds I spotted a mother seal with her young pup navigating the ocean waters. Seals are curious creatures…

  8. Brant Geese Beach Stroll

    2022-04-03 18:03:53 UTC

    Brant Geese are handsome birds with blackish-brown and white plumage, short necks and stubby black bills. They are easily identifiable by the white necklace of feathers at the top of their necks and a delightfully distinct cackle. Brant Geese arrive in flocks on the east coast of central Vancouver Island…

  9. Little Darling

    2022-02-27 23:29:10 UTC

    March brings the Herring Run to Vancouver Island, B.C.  Therefore the featured image is a portrait of a California sea lion, photographed at the French Creek Marina in Parksville, Vancouver Island, B.C.. She looks like a Little Darling to me!  French Creek is a great spot to view both Stellar…

  10. Mother Deer and Fawns

    2022-01-20 23:10:18 UTC

    This image of a mother deer and two her fawns in a farmer’s field brings back fond memories of a vacation in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. During my visit I would often glimpse deer on the road and in the fields, and it soon became apparent that White-tailed deer are shy. The…

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