Brant Geese Beach Stroll

Brant Geese are handsome birds with blackish-brown and white plumage, short necks and stubby black bills. They are easily identifiable by the white necklace of feathers at the top of their necks and a delightfully distinct cackle.

Brant Geese arrive in flocks on the east coast of central Vancouver Island each Spring.  They are seen in abundance on the shorelines of Parksville, Rathtrevor and Qualicum where they stop to rest and feed on eel-grass and other aquatic vegetation before continuing their migration from Mexico and California to their breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic and Alaska.  The months of March and April are the best months to visit for prime viewing opportunities.

For those interested in the technical details, I captured this image
with a Nikon D8500 at focal length of 500 mm, aperture of 8, shutter
speed of 1/800 second, and an ISO of 180.

Brant Geese strolling along the shoreline of Parksville beach, Vancouver Island, B.C..
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