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  1. Incoming Canada Goose

    2023-07-02 01:33:28 UTC

    A Canada Goose in flight coming in for a landing. Although not Canada’s national bird I think they should be. They are commonly known, beautiful, and have city smarts! Unofficially our bird is the charming Canada Jay which is also known as a Whiskey Jack. Anyhow this particular goose certainly…

  2. Tree Swallow in Flight

    2023-04-29 22:25:43 UTC

    A Tree Swallow in flight as seen in a profile view which reveals the beautiful delicate detail of the birds wings and tail feathers. Tree Swallows are fast flying, acrobatic birds typically seen chasing insects over wetlands. I captured this image at using a Nikon D7100 with a AF-S Nikkor…

  3. Wing-drying

    2023-02-27 23:27:05 UTC

    A Juvenile Bald Eagle perched on a tree branch with its wings open to dry its waterlogged feathers. A Bald Eagles wingspan can reach up to 2.3 meters and if they get their wings wet as often occurs when they dive to catch a fish, the extra weight slows and…

  4. Little Darling

    2022-02-27 23:29:10 UTC

    March brings the Herring Run to Vancouver Island, B.C.  Therefore the featured image is a portrait of a California sea lion, photographed at the French Creek Marina in Parksville, Vancouver Island, B.C.. She looks like a Little Darling to me!  French Creek is a great spot to view both Stellar…

  5. Mother Deer and Fawns

    2022-01-20 23:10:18 UTC

    This image of a mother deer and two her fawns in a farmer’s field brings back fond memories of a vacation in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. During my visit I would often glimpse deer on the road and in the fields, and it soon became apparent that White-tailed deer are shy. The…

  6. Racing the Surf

    2022-01-05 22:17:33 UTC

    In honour of National Bird Day my first blog post and featured image is one I have titled “Racing the Surf,” showcasing the beauty of a Brown Pelican in flight displaying the beauty of its wings as it evades the white water of a crashing wave at Los Ayala beach…

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